Our Mission

Through the confluence of art and shark protection, we hope to bring the reprehensible practice of shark finning to an end.

Featured Artworks

Sharkopolis aspires to advocate the notion of shark protection through the creation of art. By converging the mitigation of shark finning with the creation of art, we hope to propagate awareness of this issue. Here at Sharkopolis, our artists create an assorted range of artwork pertaining to sharks, predominantly ones that have been targeted greatly for shark finning. We create multifarious forms of artwork in a variety of styles and also incorporate creative designs. We also strive to produce art that exhibits high levels of creativity. With the painstaking efforts of our artists and designers, we proudly present six of our featured opuses. Sharkopolis releases art on a regular basis, each demonstrating the outstanding proficiency of our young artists. We hope to allow more people to recognize the plight of sharks and provide help to forestall the exacerbation of their situation. If you are interested in more artworks, a more comprehensive compilation can be viewed on the “art” page.

Sunset Polyshark by Elva Yang
Creatures to Cherish by Bauhinia Chen
Indignation by Serena Tsai
Halt to Callousness by Bauhinia Chen
Ruthless Massacre by Elva Yang
Massacre By Bauhinia Chen

Sharks in Peril

Beyond the reprehensible cruelty towards sharks and how many of us revile shark finning on the ethical facet, we must also be aware that it is devastating the ocean. The interconnected relationships between species have been ruptured due to the plummet in the shark population. Without the monitoring and regulation of the apex predator in an ecosystem, the food chain would be in a state of complete instability and chaos. Under the execrable mistreatment of humans, sharks have been suffering from agonizing deaths. The immense amounts of shark deaths have led to a notable plummet in their population, and the lack of regulation from the apex predators in ecosystems has caused also marine food chains to lose balance, putting oceans in peril. However, not many recognize the severe ramifications of shark finning. Humans have been rampantly slaughtering sharks through the inhumane practice of shark finning. Many of us are jeopardizing the lives of innocent sharks without considering our utter inhumanity and iniquity. Sharks are in a grave plight, and we shouldn’t face their predicament in an apathetic manner. 

Sharks in agony, species in peril, ecosystems in disequilibrium… it’s time to stop. As apex predators, sharks are an indispensable part of the marine food chain, and the removal of sharks would bring serious ramifications. With the promulgation of awareness, we aspire to mitigate the issue of shark finning. Forestall the extinction of sharks before it becomes irreversible. Help now.